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  Welcome to Texas' Largest and Finest, free Wedding Minister and
Officiant referral site!  This site is dedicated to assisting Texas couples
 in their search to find a Wedding Minister or Officiant that will fulfill
your ceremony needs to make your Dream Wedding a reality!  
  This association is comprised of Ministers and Officiants that are
focused to your needs on your "Special Day".   
  Members of this association are not individually
endorsed by the TAWO and are each responsible
for his or her own actions. Our membership is
expected to uphold the integrity and high standards
of this association in a most professional manner.
 All Ministers and Officiants listed, are ordained and legally qualified to
conduct wedding ceremonies within the State of Texas.  
 Our site is constantly expanding,  feel free to browse, email or call
any of our officiants for more Information or Ideas!   

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